!Earshot Magazine

Ttwwrrss (pronounced “towers”) is the alter-ego of Hamilton electronic musician Sean Thompson. This just being his second album (appropriately titled ttwwrrss_2), shows Thompson miles ahead of where many musicians would be at this stage in their careers. Thompson’s style is all over the map, gathering influences from harder electronic styles, hip-hop and glitch, but especially the darker side of electronica and industrial dance. Every track here pulses with dark, skittering electronics with a healthy dose of bass and drum beats. The lead off track, “The Crash”, sets the mood up with some driving, almost tribal style drums, then the album dives headlong into dark, atmospheric techno with “Sabre” and “Rooftop”, which are likely the best tracks on the album. The album has a driven, almost frantic feel for most of it, feeling both at home in darker, atmospheric styles as more dance-floor ready tracks. In fact, there’s a deliberate attempt at making the music not overstay it’s welcome, like some electronic musicians. No track here clocks over 5 minutes in length. The album finishes with a slower, minimalist track, “Vices”, a perfect cap to a great album. This might be the most interesting and engaging electronic album of 2015.