Ghost FM

Hence for tonight’s sake, if you would like to lose yourself in a virtual plaza, ttwwrrss (pronounced ‘towers’) has prepared the dark synthpop to put you in a check-mate. So close your eyes for a minute! Imagine you are walking the plaza granite having qualms about a way out of there. Out of a navy blues, John Carpenter appears and introduces himself as your next retailer for consumer electronics. It sounds amazing and expensive at the same time. Upon asking for a discount, you will be granted to hear the premiere of his work on a Fatima Al Qadiri collaboration. You are warned that not everyone in the world gets that. You feel vaporwaved and exasperated for this is quite like the dystopian reverie you were not expecting. Alas, you are already sonically enchanted and enthralled. And the Stockholm syndrome has already pulled itself off. ttwwrrss’ “Rooftop” has somehow a department in the same plaza. For us ghost lovers with twisted ears, it does not get any better than this.

ttwwrrss is the the Mississauga-born 20-year-old Sean Thompson. The uncontaminated chaos we are hearing originates from an entertaining collage of EDM with Nine Inch Nails backbone. But Thompson’s uncanny touch on electronics, dance and future beats is trembling objects around us. We would better be grateful for that.